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ExactBins Product Features: Account Range Processing/Extended Database.

With an ever-changing financial world, upgrades to security systems, new inventive measures to preserve numerics are a constant possibility and that time is now. Numeric assets assigned to financial organizations are being drastically reduced at an accelerated rate by card issuers like Visa and MasterCard, most notably the six-digit BINs.

Conservation efforts by these companies has caused a trend of institutions, individuals and finance-related entities to shift towards eight-digit, nine-digit BINs and more with the view to allow a comprehensive strategy that will boost security for online transactions helping card issuers, card details and online card transactions to be undergone in the most efficient manner possible.

This shifting of gears toward more comprehensive numbers is referred to as an account range (first nine digits of a primary account number) which includes the usual six-digit BINs and an additional three digits.

As our clients, it is understandable that you need to keep up with the latest updates that customers might be undertaking which includes being able to monitor, track and process online card transactions for cards utilizing the account range processing features i.e eight-digit BINs and more.

We strive to continually satisfy our clients, and step in our Extended database that ensures your long term preservation strategy is guaranteed with a technological support system catering for Visa and MasterCard records that employ the account range processing features by providing you with correct details in real time ranging from the BIN, card type, card category, country of issuing and flags to differentiate between personal and commercial users.

We employ ISO standards and will only be revealing the necessary details as mandated by the EU. With our Extended database, you do not have to worry about financial loss or fraudulent practices being operated on cards monitored by your company as we will continually provide you with verified information to help you decipher between real and fake purchases at the speed of light and accessible from any of your stations in the world.

Regardless of the nature of the account range split, either by a sponsor or product, we have got you covered with the necessary details to ensure ease of use for your customers and quick processing of transactions.