Welcome! E-Mail: contact@exactbins.com

What regions does your database cover?

We cover all countries globally, no exceptions.

How frequently do you update your database?

We work on the data every day, and send out updates on a monthly basis.

How we will receive the first database and the monthly updates?

Initial delivery will be done via email containing your unique https:// download links. By default, all subsequent updates will be done the same way. Alternative options are: FTP/SFTP upload to your location, JSON file output, customizable API link for the whole CSV file retrieval.

Will updates be the full files or deltas?

Every time you will get a full updated file, and will need to replace the old file with a new one.

Is it possible to see the structure and the field names of the file?

Yes, sure. You can view both standard and extended structures here.

Data source – what is the source of the information?

We work with major banks, online merchants and private contributors to ensure high data accuracy. Each record is cross-checked against multiple sources to ensure the data quality.

Can you share your client portfolio?

We don’t publish the client list to protect their privacy. We can provide client references to reputable parties. To obtain this information, specify the country and/or industry you are interested in.

What is the payment plan?

We offer:

1) The Commercial License at $1500 with 12 months of updates included. You will get access to a full featured 6 digit BIN database.
You have the right to create your own software product using the database, and sell limited access to this service.

2) The Site License at $2900 with 24 months of updates. Includes all features of the Commercial License plus grants access to an
Extended BIN Database (7-9 digit BINs).

Do we get email notifications when there are updates available?

Yes, you will get them automatically every month regardless of the delivery method.

Is email support included?

Yes, you can contact us anytime.

Which cards do you cover in the database?

You can view the list of supported brands and card products.

Can you tell what the split is between US and non US cards?

About 45%/55%.

How many records does the database contain today?

Updated numbers could be found at home page.

What is the database format?

We offer CSV (comma delimited) format.

Do you support BINs longer than 6 digits?

Yes, we support 7,8, and 9 digit BINs under the Full Extended License. As you may probably know, all merchants and financial institutions will soon be required to switch from
the old 6-digit BIN standard (your current subscription) to the new 8-digit BIN standard. This new BIN standard offers greater security and increased
accuracy over the old 6-digit standard.

As stated above, the new extended standard will soon replace the outdated 6 digit standard and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) will
require that all financial institutions and merchants have the new BINs implemented by April 2022. Merchants who have not switched over by this deadline will see their chargeback fraud utilities lose accuracy and potentially fail completely. There are many tasks that merchants have to complete ahead of the deadline to ensure they are ready.

Official document by Visa:

Official document by MasterCard:

What is the correct way to lookup BINs in Extended database?

First look for 9 digits, if not found move down to 8 digits, etc until it’s found.

How many BINs does each file contain?

Approximate numbers:

6 digit file: 351000

7 digit file: 182000

8 digit file: 115000

9 digit file: 528000