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What is a Bank Identification Number?

It’s a six-digit number on a credit card or debit card that identifies the issuer of the card.

What is a BIN checker and how it can help me?

A BIN checker is a BIN database or a software wrapper for it. If you have an online business, then BIN checker is a must for you. The internet is a hub of fraudulent transactions and to avoid them, you need a BIN checker. The software monitors each and every BIN involved in transactions and identifies the false ones. You can immediately cancel the transaction as soon you see a red flag.

What is a BIN Database?

A BIN database (or BIN list) is the collection of BINs, with card issuer descriptions displayed against them. This is the main source which is used by the BIN checker software to compare with the suspected BIN.

Is this method legal?

Yes. Using a BIN list is completely legal as long as it is used for fraud prevention purposes. However, the information must not be used for identity theft or online fraud.

Is your BIN database comprehensive?

ExactBins has the ability to automatically update its BIN database. Moreover, the BIN list already comes with more than 130,000 records. It is very unlikely that you don’t find your desired Bank Identification Number in the list.

Is it reliable?

Our bin checker software is being used by hundreds of entrepreneurs who are keeping fraud away from their website. We haven’t received any complaints from them yet.

Did you get these details legally?

Absolutely. We have received the descriptions from various sources that are associated with online credit card transactions. Several credit card issuers have coordinated with us in the compilation of the BIN list.

What is the file format that you use for your BIN database?

We use 6-column CSV (comma-delimited) file format. We can also setup a database with custom delimiter characters on your request. You can download a sample BIN database.

How can I purchase ExactBins?

It is easy. Just visit an Ordering page, place an order and you will be sent the BIN database by email within 24 hours.

Does your software support Visa credit cards?

Yes. Besides Visa, our BIN checker software also supports MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club and Maestro cards.

Can I try your database?

Yes. You can try the BIN database demo online. It’s free.

Do I need to pay for any updates?

One year of free updates is included into your initial purchase. After it expires, updates are $200 for each next year.

Your online BIN database hangs up after 10 tries. What’s the issue?

If you are trying the online software, it’s a limited version. BIN lookups are limited to five searches per day in the demo version, however once you buy it, you can use it as many times as you want.

Is your database ISO compliant?

Yes, it is. The BIN database is 100% compliant with the ISO.

Does your system contain descriptions about prepaid and gift cards?

Yes, prepaid cards and gift cards are included in the database, as both come under the debit card category.