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Features & Benefits

Choosing Exactbins as your online business watchdog is a wise decision!

Exactbins is the most authentic and reliable bin checker available. Its simple design and unparalleled effectiveness makes it a hot favorite of hundreds of online entrepreneurs. If you want to save your business in an easy and affordable way, ExactBins is the way to go.

Easy to Parse Structure

There are 6 columns separated by comma. Example string:


Which corresponds to:

BIN 441860
Card Brand VISA

Importing notes:

  • If a value contains a comma inside, the whole value is surrounded by “” .
  • Column 3 (Bank) can contain a comma inside.
  • Column 6 (Country) can contain a comma inside.

Download a piece of the database 

The BIN database is Huge

With more than 130,000 records in the Bin list, you can rest assured that the state-of-the-art software is ready to help you whenever you need it. You may have hundreds of online transactions everyday and you may want to monitor each and every transaction on your website. What is worse than finding out, that the debit card/credit card BIN you are searching for doesn’t exist in the BIN database? For every Bank Identification Number that you are going to encounter, our BIN checker will have a description for it.

The BIN List Updates on a Daily Basis

The reason of having a comprehensive BIN list is that it receives updates on a regular basis. Every now and then new banks come into existence and new services are introduced, necessitating changes in Bank Identification Numbers. A static BIN list can only be useful for a small period but what about the newly launched BINs? The auto update feature of ExactBins makes sure that the bin database always remains up-to-date. In other words, it’s flexible enough to cope with the changing bank requirements.

Additional Details

BIN checker softwares usually display only the name of bank and the country for a particular Bank Identification Number. Exactbins take an edge over others by giving several other details such as card brand, card type (debit/credit) and card sub-type (platinum, gold) etc. Such detailed descriptions can help you make efficient filter strategies for online transactions.

Genuine and Accurate Records

Exactbins is a name that you can trust for ironclad security against credit card fraud. We assure you that all entries in the BIN list are genuine and are entered after thorough research. Unlike other bin checker softwares, Exactbins does not use a computer generated BIN checker list. As a consequence, you won’t find any blank entries in its database, which are common in automatic lists.

Simple and Quick BIN Lookup

ExactBins is not only smart, it’s quick. Time is an important consideration when hundreds of online transactions are being monitored. Our bin database is efficiently stored and managed to facilitate quicker results. The BIN lookup is also simpler and a lot easier. The system displays loads of information about the particular BIN in an organized and comprehendible manner. This is why it is liked by both novice and expert entrepreneurs alike.

With its pleasing features, ExactBins easily surpasses its competitors. If you are still not satisfied, you can check out our bin checker software online. Go and try our free bin checker !