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How it Began?

In 2011, a team of enthusiastic IT professionals sat together and started working on an innovative project. The everyday news of scams and online fraud motivated them to create software which can identify them on time and stop them. This is where ExactBins bin checker software was born.

Improvements in the Binchecker

With time, improvements were made to its design and new features were added. However, our primary concern was to enable the software to provide accurate and up-to-date information for each and every Bank Identification Number. After going through a number of phases, the final product ExactBins was launched.

Comprehensive Bindatabase, Simple Binlookup

ExactBins is the ultimate solution to stopping online fraud. What distinguishes Exactbins from other binchecker software is its automatic update system which ensures that BIN entries are up-to-date. The ergonomic design and accessibility are other important features of the bin checker software. ExactBins is reliable binchecker software that you can use to protect your online business from fraudulent credit card transactions.